Tips on how to deal with anxiety before riding

Our top 3 tips on how to deal with anxiety before riding - 

1. Try and regulate your breathing 

2. Visualise a great ride
3. Take a moment

For those that don’t know I can get really nervous when I ride. Especially somewhere new or on a different horse. Over the years I have been getting better and not letting that stop me from enjoying myself. Except the fear / anxiety rather than stopping it and it will go away on it’s on because you are no longer focusing on it.
A good friend once told me. Just take 10 seconds of doing something that scares you and then you can stop. Just those 10 seconds alone can help break you out of that fear cycle and the things that felt so intimidating isn’t as bad as you thought.

1. Regulate your breathing.
Try not to get flustered and in a panic when you feel anxtiety kicking in. Focus on your breath. 4 seconds breath in, hold for 4 seconds. 4 second breath out, hold for 4 seconds. Imagine drawing a ⏹

2. Visualising is a great way to overcome nerves. Rather than thinking about all the bad things that could possible happen, try and think about the ride you want to happen. What we think about it’ll what we create.. good or bad!

3. Take your time.
Before you even go pat your horse make sure your emotions are in check. They can sense things before you’ve even reached them. If your nervous they will think there is a reason they should be too, which only amplifies the situation.
If your having an off day, then don’t stress, just do something else with your horse that makes you feel confident like brushing or going for an in hand walk. You don’t always have to get riding to build a relationship with your horse.
Somedays you feel good in body and mind and then it’s good to push yourself (even if it’s only for 10 seconds) and other days just find something else to do with your horse that doesn’t further create anxiety or low self esteem.


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