Top 3 tip for beginner riders

Below is our top 3 tips for beginner riders

1. Find a riding buddy and get lessons.            You always feel more confident when you have someone with you be that a confident friend or a riding instructor.

After many years not riding I got a horse and jumped on not realising that many of the issues I was having were because of my riding ability (or lack thereof haha) so I went and got riding lessons and acted like I was starting from scratch. The more confident I became In my own seat, the more I was able to help my horse better understand what I was asking.

2. The fastest way to get better at riding is to ride. The more you ride the more you start to become one with the horses movements.

I would think about riding and watch videos for hours but the quickest way to get better is to actually be riding. And riding different horses is always great to help understand differences. Ground work is something I have always struggled with but your not going to get any better not doing it. If your unsure, sign upto a clinic and get help from professionals. It makes such a difference.

3. Don’t rush to buy a horse.
Use a school horse for riding lessons, find a stable where you could work for free in exchange for riding horses. And if your ready to commit the time and money to buying your own horse, than take your time to find the right fit.
Find a horse that suits your rider level and confidence. Nothing worse that getting a horse that is too much and then you both feel down about the experience and a good horse goes to waste as a paddock ornament.
I would take a horse on trial for 4 weeks so you have some time to get to know eachother. Horses can be super comfortable and calm in their own environment, and be totally different when you bring them home.
If someone is rushing to sell and pressuring you then I would say that is a red flag. They should want the partnership to be right for both horse and rider.


Love team ERA x 

p.s believe in yourself and remember not to compare yourself to others. Enjoy your equestrian journey! 

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