Why we are not offering a Black Friday sale

Having recently been in beautiful Fiji I had a the chance to horse ride a couple times with the locals.
I learnt that many never ride with saddles or bridles because there simply aren’t any in Fiji and they are too expensive to import. So they make do with blankets on the horses back and rope tied to make a bridle.
They use horses as a mode of transport and many are tied up for hours to a tree whilst they go to work or the next village.

Horse riding Fiji

People forget that Fiji although beautiful, is still a 3rd world country. The difference though is their attitude. The kindness and generousity they show even when they have so little is amazing. It really reminds you that you really don’t need a lot to be happy and kind to others.

Unfortunately the horses can suffer from their lack of horse care knowledge and funds. Riding horses when lame, using chains in the horses mouths instead of a bit, which was hard to watch.

So instead of using Black Friday to promote consumerism and thinking you need to spend money to make you happy, I’ve taken note from the Fijians “Fiji time” and want to give back to those in need.

So I am donating $300 of ERA stock and 20% of all orders $ placed this week to the @HorseSanctuaryFiji where the money will really get put to good use


Love Team ERA 

Every [body] is an equestrian body 

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