Do you compare yourself to others?

Have you ever felt stuck in your riding? Like you’ve been working on perfecting that same movement or fixing that same bad habit for months. The truth is, even the best riders feel stuck.

Riding is not always easy. Sometimes I forget that. The worst thing that you can do, and I am occasionally guilty of this, is to compare yourself to other riders. Everyone is at a different level and has their own unique set of goals and challenges. 

I found it helpful to watch videos of my riding from a couple of months ago. Sometimes we forget about the progress that we have already made. Doing this made me realize that I had actually accomplished much more than I thought. You also must remember the reason that you are riding in the first place.

If you lose sight of why riding really matters to you, what's the point? I ride because it is my escape from the outside world. When I'm riding, I'm not worrying about the rest of my life. If I allow riding to become stressful for me, then I'm not truly enjoying it.

Take a second to appreciate how far you’ve come.    

Everyone is on their own journey.


Written by - Carly Costello

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