Have you ever felt like you need more money to pursue your dreams in the equestrian community along with in your riding? For example, I need to get this certain saddle or certain bridle so yourself and your horse can fit in and look the part? In all honesty, buying that second hand saddle or that second hand bridle from someone can make the same impact to your goals, as does a new one.


Unfortunately in the equestrian community, we look up to these gorgeous and inspiring riders who are achieving amazing accomplishes before we look at how they got there. Being rich or having money, will truthfully take you up the same pathway as someone who has no money at all. For instance, I started riding when I was around 12. Mum found this “beginners” horse on facebook and a week later we went and had a look at him. Straight away I fell in love but unfortunately he was a little out of budget, luckily the seller was able to put his price down as she needed him gone as soon as possible.  


A few weeks down the track, we ran into so many problems with this horse. He would buck, he wouldn’t turn, he would prance and toss his head about and make a huge fuss when he would be getting ridden. But no matter what, I persisted that I kept riding and that he would get constant body work treatment and a diet change. It tooks months and months before I was able to get a good ride out of that horse and come away with a smile, but every ride after that was better and better. I never got any lessons for the first 2 years of my riding journey, I had that second hand saddle and bridle, and some half broken riding boots, oversized jodphurs and old riding shirts.


But today, I am still with this same horse and he is my heart horse, my competiton horse and will be with me forever. We went from me having a huge confidence knock and tearing up every ride, to now training at home doing 80-1m fences, being able to have nice collection, being an Ambassador for a couple brands, and so much more! But this wouldn’t of been able to happened if I hadn’t stayed persistent, if I hadn’t believed in myself, or if I listened to all those haters and judgemental people in the horse riding community.


My point is, you dont need money to be the part or to pursue your dreams. You just need to work hard, stay consistent and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Written by - Charlee Message (ERA Brand Ambassador) 


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