Does my horse need Sunscreen?

Does my Horse Need Sunscreen?


It is a very common sight during the summertime to see a horse lying on its side, because like all species of animal, horses enjoy the sun. Most mammals do, but at the same time, too much sun can cause problems for your horse.


It is important to safeguard your horse during the summer months, as heat-related problems can be quite a challenge to work around. sunscreen is particularly interesting as a concept to think about, so we are going to explore whether or not your horse needs sunscreen, as well as what you can expect to encounter if you don’t take proper care of your horse during the summer months.


Sunscreen For Horses?


Ultimately, yes, your horse does need sunscreen during particularly hot periods. In much the same way that you need sunscreen, or clothing that will shield you from the sun, like our long-sleeved top which shields up to UPF 50, a horse benefits from protection too. Rider Tops – Tagged "long sleeve"– Equestrian rider apparel

The best thing that you can do is apply sunscreen to any areas of the horse which are white in coloration, or where the markings are, or where exposed flesh is. This will help to protect your horse from things like sunburn, which can be a very debilitating condition for an animal. Especially if you want to ride it frequently, because the sensitive skin will chafe simply by moving around, which will cause the horse great discomfort, and will ultimately not generate a positive experience for either of you.


Common Issues


Ultimately, the sun is also responsible for a handful of other common conditions which aren’t sincerely damaging to your horse, but will affect it. For example, too much exposure to the sun can discolour the horse's coat. Basically, the coat can begin to bleach as a result of being in the sun for too long, which can ultimately mean that some coats fade, some coats get darker, and the overall patterns and markings of your horse, the things that give it such a distinctive look, will be lost.


However, a big problem at the moment is also photosensitisation. Basically, this is where too much exposure to sunlight can damage the liver of your horse, by forcing the body into a certain state of being that can adversely affect its internal organs. So basically, if your horse appears to be suffering from great amounts of discomfort, the issue could be that its liver is damaged, in which case you would have to consult a vet to have bloodwork done.


Final Thoughts


Ultimately, horses need protection from the sun just as much as we do, and refusing to give them the treatment they deserve or the protection that they need will adversely impact their overall health. It’s important to be attentive to the needs of your horse, and to make sure that they have access to a cool, sheltered place to rest, as well as plenty of water, as dehydration is also a frequent issue in horses during the summer.

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