Salty Spur Brush boots

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Air mesh neoprene brush boots

 Brush boots protect the leg all the way around, protecting against knocks and offer support during jumping and dressage. 

Also good to use when trail riding to stop sticks scratching or puncturing legs. 

The air mesh helps stop over heating by providing airflow to keep legs cool and protected. 

Velcro straps for a snug fit 

Finish your salty spur outfit off with these cute brush boots and match with your horse 

Why choose us?

Our mission is to make riding more accessible for all types of disciplines from your trail, beach riders, weekend lessons and for professional competitions. We have developed a vibrant apparel line in a variety of sizes and prints designed to be flattering, comfortable and long lasting. Each print is unique to ERA and every item has been tested to ensure its practicality. To top it off we’ve included some bespoke accessories for your horse and home, adding some cute gifts for you and your horse loving friends.



This tshirt is comfortable. The material is soft and so breathable. I love the colour and the playfulness!
Highly recommend


This is the first puffs jacket I've ever owned, I've always wanted one but I've never found one that has felt comfortable enough to buy- until now! ERA puffer jackets are so incredibly comfortable and they look fabulous. I Highly recommend these to everyone. The fact they can be worn 2 ways is super cute. I love everything about them.

Tanja C

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